How our Hair oil Differ from other marketly available hair oils?

                 Normally hair oils are prepared by herbal juices boiled with coconut oil and ready to sell. But our hair oil prepared by 10 step processes.
                First prepare the oil by mix coconut oil with herbal juices and raw drugs (normally others do) . In second stage the prepared oil is mixed with herbal juices and raw drugs again boiled and collect the oil.
                 Like this we prepare the hair oil in 10 steps procedures. So this oil gives 10 times better result than anyother hair oils in marketly available.Best hair oil for strong , long and thick hairs.

              This is a pure herbal hair oil and no added essence , or flavours.

Salient Features Of 10 TIMES POWER HAIR OIL :

100 % Herbal Hair oil
Paraben free Hair oil
Pure Coconut oil based hair oil
Made by fresh herbs to make this powerful hair oil for control hair fall and stimulates new growth
Improves blood circulation to hair follicles
Revitalizes and strengthens hair shaft
Cures falling hair & Prevents dandruff
Prevents fungal Infection of the scalp
Increases hair melanin contents
Prevents graying
Regular use makes hair healthy, long & strong.


 In Severe Hair fall
 prevents bald head and dandruff.
 Cures hair fall in 2-3 weeks ( If no more systemic causes)
 Induce hair growth in bald head (if Hair follicles alive).

How To Use ? 

Shake the bottle every time before use.
Apply the hair oil in all over the scalp areas ( Dont waste the oil by apply in long hair areas).
Gently massage for 5 minutes.
Follow this for 2 times daily.

           Use Hair oil with ROOTZ Drops ( Ratio of 1 bottle 10 Times Power Hair oil + 3 bottles of Rootz Drops).
Product Details :

Rootz Drops is a concentrated oil medicine for external use to stimulate the hair follicle and regrow the hair in bald head areas ( If follicles are alive).
Uses :

Stimulate Hair Follicles.
Useful Male type Bald Head,
Regrow hair in bald head,
Cures Alopecia Areata (Round hairless patches in the scalp).

How To Use ?

Take 10 drops and gently massage on the scalp where less hair and bald head area regularly before bath and during sleep.
mix 1 bottle of ROOTZ Drops ( 7 ml ) with 30 ml of 10 TIMES POWER HAIR OIL and use this mixture on the scalp after bath in morning and evening time.
Both this combination gives quick result in control of Hair fall and Regrowth of Hair Follicles.