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How 10 Times Power Hair oil differ from other Hair oils?
10 Times Power Hair Oil prepared by 10 step process method and no other marketly available hair oils (even costlier hair oils also) prepared like this method.
How does 10 Times Power Hair oil control hair fall?
It dilates blood vessels under the scalp skin which icrease the blood flow and this stimulate the hair follicles to grow the hairs.
Can I use Rootz Drops seperately?
Yes.10 drops daily two time apply on the less hair areas. Use 10 Times Power Hair oil as a regular oil gives speedy result.
Is it possible to regrow hair in my bald head possible?
Possible if your follicles in alive condition.Use 10 times Power hair oil with Rootz drops regularly.
Is kidney stone powder cures stones quickly?
Maximum stones below the size of 8 mm cured in 1 week time.But the period may vary accordind to patients age and stone location in kidney.
Upto which age Grenil Oil works for premature grey hair?
Maximum 30-32 age is possible.In young age works well.
Herbolice oil safe for children?
Definitely.This is pure herbal oil and 100% safe.
How many days it will take to fall Warts?
Small warts ( below pepper size ) fall in 2 - 3 days and one day application is enough. big size warts need 2 - 4 days application of Warts cream
Any Pain / bleeding when fall of warts?
No pain or bleeding. It is safe medicine.
Cai I use warts medicine for foot corn?
No.Use corn foot ointment, avail in our store.
How many days need to cure 5 mm kidney stone?
Treatment period may vary according to location of the stone.Mostly stones below the size of 7 mmexpelled out throgh urine in 1 week time.
Is it possible to control kidney stone pain by siddha medicine quickly?
Definitely. By our herbal medicines control stone pain in 30 minutes,